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For those who love the kitchen, baking, cake decorating, and want to be fit and healthy.

Get the Free FIT and HEALTHY Conversions Cheat Sheets today for handy tools with baking measurements and conversions to healthier ingredients. Plus, fondant to cake ratios!

About  the fit and healthy baker…

This blog was born out of love of baking and cake decorating. But, can you do both and still be healthy? Yes, you can! Here’s how:

Bake your heart out with healthy recipes and tips. 

Decorate away with tips and tutorials to make each cake a masterpiece. Wait… going from hobby to business baker? No worries, I share some nuggets for that too!

Hard to resist the sweets? I get you, sugar addiction is real! Get the scoop on intermittent fasting, healthy recipes, and health and fitness tips. You’ll get rid of those cravings and look and feel better than ever.

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