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Health  Books

You know that feeling when a book transforms the way you think? I’m a nerd like that and the following four books have blown my mind and transformed the way I eat. I’ve read (or listened on Audible) and recommend all these books if you would like to have a deeper knowledge of intermittent fasting, gut health, and cholesterol.


If you feel trapped, like you’ll have to diet for the rest of your life, read this book. It’s not you! It’s years of bad information. This book has changed the way I look at eating. After reading it, I started intermittent fasting and my weight loss journey. It has changed my relationship with food!


This book provides a more practical approach to everything you’ve learned with The Obesity Code. It’s the more practical follow-up to the research filled first book. This one  includes a How-To  guide and delicious recipes.


This book was instrumental in helping me understand the importance of balancing healthy bacteria in the gut. Once I started eating fermented foods and taking probiotics, years of feeling “off” started to improve.


High cholesterol has your doctor and everybody else telling you that you’re at risk of heart problems? Me too. This book provides a much better understanding of cholesterol and the true signs of heart attack risk.

your daily workout routine

Have a hard time getting out the door to work out? Need options for those days when you only have 10 minutes available? Starting from scratch but want to work your way up to more advanced workouts?

Beachbody On Demand’s got your back. I’ve been working out with their killer instructors (I heart Shaun T), feeling stronger, and looking better every day. 

Yep, I’m the “coach” the link below leads to. What do you get from me? Support, motivation, and accountability. What don’t you get from me? No pitches on shakes, supplements, or requests for you to become a coach. I believe in and enjoy their workouts because I can take them anywhere I go and only pay $99 for the whole year. 

Healthy Eating Ingredients & Tools


I’m a tea person, and this is one of my favorite tea flavors to drink every morning while I fast. There are so many benefits to drinking green tea! It can help you lose weight as part of a healthy routine and can decrease the risk of diabetes, cancer, and heart disease.


This organic coconut flour is my go-to for healthier baking recipes. But, be careful with your flour ratios! This post shows you how to adjust your coconut flour to regular flour ratios for healthy baking. I use it in many of my healthy bakes recipes.


My Vitamix blender is one of my favorite kitchen appliances. I’ve had it for 6 years and still use it almost every day. You can make smoothies, soups, and even cake batter! Throw in a whole apple and you won’t even feel the seeds, they’ll be pulverized.   


Got this mandolin as a wedding gift. I use to slice fruits and veggies to make chips and casseroles. You can see mine in this easy cinnamon apple chips recipe. Wouldn’t make my zucchini lasagna without it. Slice a whole zucchini in seconds!

no time for meal prep?

It’s hard to eat healthy when you’re busy with work, family, and everyday life.

SunBasket takes care of all that for you. And best of all, they have mouthwatering healthy meals for you, regardless of what your definition of healthy is.

Omg, they have so many options! I find them to be so convenient that I wrote all about it in this post.



If you have a high arch and high impact workouts, like running, become painful, the Asics Gel Nimbus model absorbs the impact. During marathon training years ago, I had horrible foot pain after every run because of my high arches. I’ve been wearing these since 2005 with no more pain.


I’ve been using a fitbit for years now. I find it to be very motivating to get up, move, and work out. It’s a little addicting. You almost feel like you didn’t work out if you didn’t track it one day. Love this thing! Track your workouts, food, sleep, heart rate, steps, and other health items. It’s a great way to track your progress. 


Whether you’re into yoga or not, a yoga mat is a workout essential. This one has a lot of cushion, perfect for low impact floor workouts on the floor. Do yoga, abs, weights, or stretching on this comfortable mat.


I originally got a BKr water bottle in one of my fabfitfun boxes. I love it! Though it’s made of glass, the silicone sleeve protects it. It keeps me hydrated and, well, fashionable too. wink


“Girls just want to have fu-un!”

You know the excitement of opening up amazing gifts on your birthday?

With fabfitfun I feel like it’s my birthday four times a year! I’m not kidding, my husband makes fun of me because I jump up and down like a little girl on Christmas morning whenever I get my box. To top it off, I get fitness items every time, making me more excited to work out. 

Use code WINTERFUN for $10 OFF your first box!

Other Health Books

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