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Have you started eating low-carb high-fat but find that you really miss bread? Are you tired of eating sandwiches with lettuce instead of bread? That’s not a sandwich!

I’m here to tell you that you can go back to eating delicious sandwiches with bread. I’ve rounded up the 9 best low carb sandwich bread recipes for every sandwich craving that comes your way.

Many people think that following a keto lifestyle is too difficult because it appears to be very depriving at first glance. I know, I used to be one of those people! While I don’t fully follow the ketogenic diet, I’ve been eating low carb high fat for over a year.

I first started following a 16:8 intermittent fasting protocol, and then little by little started moving toward eating low carb high fat paired with 16:8.

I’ve been doing this on my own without much difficulty because I can go without bread for extended periods. My husband, on the other hand, has to eat a peanut butter and jelly sandwich every day. He also has a pretty good metabolism.

Recently, he decided he wants to start being healthier. He asked me for help with it. But the first thing he told me was that there’s no way he will do the ketogenic diet. He said it’s insane to “not eat any carbs.”

Of course, I explained that he can reduce his carb intake without cutting “everything” out. I also pointed out that he might benefit most from simply cutting out sugar and refined carbs.

But this conversation had me wondering how I could show him that he doesn’t have to give up bread. I know he LOVES it. So, I started searching for low carb bread options that may replace his current refined flour bread.


During my search, I found that THERE ARE SO MANY LOW CARB SANDWICH BREAD RECIPES! I just had to go through and share the best ones with you. If you love bread, there’s no reason why you should feel deprived because you’re on a keto diet.

Here’s a roundup of the Best Low Carb Sandwich Bread Recipes to Satisfy Your Cravings.

low carb sandwich bread recipes - soft fluffy bread


I love this loaf bread option by Gnom-Gnom because it really aims to be as close to real bread as you can possibly get. The recipe has quite a few ingredients, but you definitely get the best results.

You’ll find that, while delicious, other keto bread options are pretty dense. Some are quite moist too. But this gluten-free, paleo, keto bread is light and fluffy.

Another great thing about it is that the recipe calls for fewer eggs than your typical keto recipe. If you don’t like the eggy flavor in cloud bread, or other keto options, then try this one!


This loaf bread by Kim from Low Carb Maven is slightly denser. But it still has the fluff and air that happens when bread rises. Kim compares the flavor to sourdough bread. If you ask me, you can’t go wrong with this flavor and some grass-fed butter… mmmm!

If you decide to make this one, I highly recommend that you read the entire post. I know it’s tempting to skip to the recipe. But the post includes very important notes that will affect the outcome of the bread.

Like the Gnom-Gnom keto loaf bread recipe, you can slice this one to make a sandwich or toast. It will not fall apart or crumble to pieces. Again, getting you closer to a “real” bread recipe.


It’s hard to do a roundup of keto foods without including Keto Connect in it. They always have delicious keto recipes that are very easy to follow. They do not disappoint with their Best Keto Bread Recipe.

While we now move into the denser bread loaves, these are also generally simpler recipes. I can tell you that sometimes I just don’t feel like spending a crazy amount of time in the kitchen. Bread recipes like this one are perfect for those occasions.

Having variety in flavors and textures is also important to me. This recipe provides that diversity.



I don’t know about you, but I love me some grainy bread! You can find this Keto Seeded Bread on the House Wives Diet site. It includes sunflower, chia, and sesame seeds. It’s a great substitute for grainy wheat bread.

The sunflower and sesame seeds add great flavor too. If you’re looking for low-calorie options, this may not be for you. But with many people who no longer count calories, a delicious 405 calories for two slices are still worth a try.


Divalicious provides such an easy to make high fiber Keto/Low Carb Bread recipe. Seriously, there’s no waiting for bread to rise, or separating eggs to mix them separately.

She does provide the option of separating the eggs to make the bread fluffier. But when you look at the video, you can definitely tell that this bread is still fluffy.

It’s likely that you won’t use all the bread in one sitting. You can wrap it in parchment paper and refrigerate to keep the moisture locked in.

Enjoy as toast or for a sandwich. Cream cheese, butter, avocado, eggs, turkey, cheese, and many other delicious options come to mind to pair with this keto low carb bread.



This Coconut Flour Bread by Lelalicious is another easy recipe. If you wish you could make bread, but don’t have a mixer on hand, this is the perfect recipe for you. Of course, I do hope you have access to a blender.

Either way, you can make this bread in a mixer or a blender. I highly recommend the second one because you’ll have fewer dishes to wash. 😉

While it doesn’t rise very much, you can always cut it horizontally instead of vertically to get more of a regular sized sliced of bread.


Who doesn’t love a sandwich made with baguette bread? It makes it so filling! Thankfully for all of us low carb eaters, Aaron at Fat for Weight Loss has a Keto Baguette Recipe.

There are so many ways to eat this baby… sliced lengthwise as sandwich bread, sliced in small rounds for garlic bread, bruschetta, dips, or melted cheese.

When two of my closest friends and I used to get together, we would always have baked brie with raspberry preserves on top of sliced wheat or sourdough baguette. With this recipe, we can go back to our traditional get-together appetizer! Now, all we need is to be in the same city all together again, lol.


If you’re looking for a different flavor when it comes to bread, you must try Aussie Keto Queen’s Keto Cheese and Bacon Bread. OMG, seriously, you don’t need to turn this one into a sandwich because it stands on its own!

As it is, this bread is moist and a little crumbly. As the Aussie Keto Queen says, you shouldn’t put it in a toaster because it may fall apart. However, it’s perfect for open-faced sandwiches, or with a poached egg on top.

Oh, and this is another very easy recipe to execute for those who prefer to jump in and out of the kitchen quickly.


low-carb-sandwich-bread-recipes-low carb cloud bread

The final bread recipe on this list is I Save A2Z’s Low Carb Cloud Bread.

Cloud bread is one of the most common breads you’ll find online for low carb eaters. It’s easy-to-make and fluffy. Some people love it and others find it to be too eggy tasting. I think it’s worth a try.

Eat it as an open-faced or full sandwich. If you pair cloud bread with flavorful toppings or fillings, you probably won’t even notice the egg flavor.


If you’ve been craving a real sandwich since you started eating low carb, you now have 9 Low Carb Sandwich bread options… woohoo!

There’s no reason why you need to sacrifice eating the things you love. If you do, then you’re less likely to sustain that healthy lifestyle change you’ve worked so hard to make.

Let’s keep the progress together to look and feel our best! Sign up below for the Fit and Healthy Conversions Cheat Sheet. It’ll give you healthy substitutes and conversion charts for all your baking needs.

Before you go, check out additional Keto Recipes for Every Meal of the Day.

Don’t forget to comment below and let me know your favorite keto sandwich fillings for the sandwich bread you try first.

9 Low Carb Sandwich Bread Recipes to Satisfy Every Sandwich Craving


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