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It’s that time of the year again! Not Christmas, not Black Friday, not Cyber Monday… it’s more like all of those combined in July! Amazon’s Cyber-Monday-on-steroids is coming up on July 16th, and I’m here to help you prep for the Amazon Prime Day 2018 deals.

You don’t want to miss out! This will be the time to get those baking, cake decorating, and health and fitness items you need. Yep, the ones you’ve been putting on the backburner waiting for a great discount.

They already have a new Vitamix Prime Day launch sneak peek. If you’ve been wanting one of these expensive magical blenders, this is the time to get one. I know this probably sounds like a sales pitch. But, ask my husband, he says that if I had to choose between him and the Vitamix, I’d go with the latter. The truth is that my Vitamix and my KitchenAid mixers are my favorite kitchen items.

Okay, I’ll stop talking about my baby Vitamix. Let me give you the scoop on what Prime Day is and what you need to know to get the best out of the Amazon Prime Day 2018 Deals.


Like I mentioned in the opening, Prime Day is like Cyber Monday, only it’s confined to Amazon. Most vendors are on Amazon anyway, and they all want a piece of the cyber-Monday-on-steroids-in-July pie, so you still have a large number of products to choose from.

While they give you a sneak peek on some items the week before, you will not know what’s on sale until the deals begin on July 16th, 2018, at 3:00 PM ET.

To get all these amazing deals, you have to be a Prime member. Simple.

If you’re already a Prime member, you know all the year-round benefits already.

But, if you’re not a member yet, you must become a member and purchase at least one item prior to July 16th. This will activate your Prime account and all Prime Day 2018 deals will be available to you. You’ll also begin to experience all the benefits of being a prime member year-round.

Currently, Prime membership price is $119 for the year, or $12.99 per month, for Prime membership. If you’re a student, your membership price is $59. The qualifying low-income membership price is $5.99 per month.

Click below for a 30-Day FREE trial membership and remember to order something before Prime Day to be eligible for the deals.



If you’re already familiar with Prime membership benefits, feel free to skip to the next section.

For those who are not Prime members (probably few, if any) and you only want the membership for Prime Day, then decide if it’s worth it. But you might want to rethink that. I can tell you that I became a Prime member when I started my cake business and kept it afterward. It has been so worth it!

You get so many benefits to annual Amazon Prime membership that the price is totally worth it. Here are only some of them:

  1. Free 2-hour delivery for eligible items and locations.
  2. Free one-day or two-day shipping on all Prime items.
  3. Discounts at Whole Foods.
  4. Unlimited streaming of thousands of movies and shows. You’d be surprised at the quality of their shows and movies too.
  5. Access to more than $2 million (and growing) ad-free songs on Amazon Music.
  6. You get a $10 rewards credit on items shipped and sold by Amazon between now and August 18, 2018.
  7. Unlimited photo storage to free up your phone and computer of valuable space.
  8. Prime Day exclusive product launches from great companies, like Vitamix. ?
  9. You get to see Lightning deals 30-minutes before they go live for everybody else.

I could go on…I haven’t even mentioned Kindle reading and video game deals. But the best part of it all is that the befits keep growing.

On Prime Day you can also get great deals on additional perks, like Audible, Kindle, and Amazon Fresh. Click on any of these for more info:



Prime Day 2018 is 36 hours long, starting Monday, July 16th, at 3:00 PM, and ending on July 17th.

The most important factor to consider is that Amazon Prime Day deals are time limited. There’s a scheduled time when each deal becomes available. You have until it’s sold out, or until the time expires on that deal (whichever comes first), to purchase it at the Prime Day discounted price.

If you don’t purchase on time…POOF! The deal goes away. Generally, you can find it at the usual prices afterward though. You can also find several deals for the same item, by different brands.

That being said, be quick. People do go insane for perceived good deals and go on buying frenzies. Some hot ticket items could sell out very quickly. If there’s an item you really want, don’t hesitate too long.

The great thing is that you’ll be able to see products before they go live. This gives you a chance to save the ones you like and be notified when the deal is on.


Remember, if you are not a Prime member yet, you must become one and purchase at least one item prior to July 16th.

Once a Prime member, this is how you can maximize your time and opportunity for the best deals:

  1. Download the Amazon app. It’s available on Android and IOS.
  2. Check out the sneak peek deals and save them so they’re readily available on Prime Day. You can save the items in the app by touching the picture for a couple of seconds and dragging it down to the bar at the bottom of the screen.
  3. On Prime Day, feel free to shop from your computer, the phone app, or you can even find discounts at Whole Foods!
  4. You’ll be able to see all the deals before they go live. You can identify the ones you’re interested in and place them under the “Watch” tab. Amazon will notify you when your “watch” deals go live.
  5. Ask Alexa for Prime Day Deals, you can purchase through her.


Reading this post before Prime Day? They have Countdown Prime Day Deals, so head on over now and check them out!

If you’re reading this on Prime Day, just click on any Amazon link in this post and it’ll take you there. You can also click on the Amazon Ad on the sidebar to your right.

Save every Prime Day item you like on the app to be notified when they go live.

Ask Alexa! She’s happy to help.

Be quick, find the deals that the Healthy Baker in you has been waiting for, and have fun!

Here’s a sneak peek. Click on any of the full price items below to see their amazing Prime Day discounts. Enjoy!

How to Prep for Amazon Prime Day 2018

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