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Do you want to make beautiful unicorn cupcakes for an upcoming event? Or maybe just for fun? These mythical creatures are all the rave at birthday parties these days!

If you’re a beginner and think that it’s too difficult, I’m here to tell you that it’s not difficult at all. You can do it! You’ll see how with these 6 easy unicorn cupcake tutorials.

Decorating cakes can appear difficult sometimes. I know there are cake artists out there that blow my mind with their creations. And I decorated cakes for a few years. Here’s something I learned along the way… cake design can be very forgiving.

You’re probably thinking that I’m insane right now. Forgiving??? It’s so easy to damage a cake and so difficult to make it look smooth and professional! But hear me out, what I mean is that, depending on the design of your cake, or cupcake, you can cover mistakes with beautiful elements that sometimes end up enhancing the final product.

I remember watching an episode of Ace of Cakes (the show that inspired me to really get into cake artistry) where they made a life-size guitar. It looked so realistic! I don’t remember exactly what happened, but the cake ended up getting damaged right at the top, where you could really see it. Imagine, after all the time they put into it!

Well, they found a very easy solution, they placed the guitar strap right over the damaged area. Nobody knew anything had happened and the cake looked spectacular.

You see? Even professional cake artists have hiccups, make messes, try making things that don’t work out. Do you want to know what they all have in common? They try again and again until they get it right. Believe me, I’ve experienced it a lot…

But don’t just take my word for it, give it a shot!

I’ve rounded up a list for you of 6 easy unicorn cupcake tutorials that will make you look like a professional. They range from extremely easy to a little more advanced (but still easy).


Of all the cupcakes in this post, these easy glittery unicorn cupcake is, well, the “easiest” one to make. These could be a great project to make with kids. Or if you want to have a neat display that’s quick to pull off and inexpensive to make, then these are the ones for you.

With the least number of materials on the list, just three items aside from the cupcakes, you will not go wrong. Courtney, at A Little Craft in Your Day, even uses a pre-filled icing bag that greatly reduces the mess factor.

But the main reason these are the quickest and easiest cupcakes to make is that the unicorn horn and ears are made of paper. You even get the printable sheets to make your own!

QUICK TIP: Use paper that will not show grease spots when you put the ears and horn in the icing.


Unicorn cupcake tutorial - unicorn flower cupcake

If you want to take it to the next level by creating the decorative pieces of the unicorn yourself, but still want a simple process to get started, then check out this sprinkled unicorn cupcake.

Fondant is like play-doh, and with this cupcake design, you’ll make the horn and ears out of the sugary dough. Again, this is a design that you can do with your kids for fun. But with the right sprinkle combination, these will look like you bought them at a fancy cake shop!

Esther, at The Bakers Party Shop, does a great job of breaking down the simple steps in pictures. You definitely cannot go wrong with these. They’re so cute too!


A tutorial that shows you how to decorate cupcakes, but also provides you with more than one decorating skill is great, and that’s what you’ll find in Rock My Family’s tutorial of these colorful mythical cupcakes.

There are several reasons to love this tutorial:

  • C’mon, who wouldn’t like to have marshmallow as part of the decoration? Marshmallows are easy to handle and make your cupcakes look great.
  • It’s kid friendly (I hate to be repetitive, but there’s nothing like seeing the smile of accomplishment on child’s face. These are guaranteed to produce one of those smiles!)
  • She teaches you how to create the rainbow frosting effect, aside from the fondant pieces.
  • It includes a quick video for you to check out how it’s done.


If you’re looking for a full fondant design, this video tutorial by Lady Berry Cupcakes is the one for you!

It’s still a very easy unicorn cupcake tutorial. If you want a cleaner look with less icing, fondant is always the way to go. It’s also very “forgiving.” You can take pieces off and redo them if you don’t think they look as you would like when you place them.

I find that some of the prettiest fondant designs are the most basic ones, where you only need a couple of tools to cut out a wide range of shapes that ultimately create a beautiful and neat little masterpiece.


Okay, this unicorn design by CakeSpy is a little more difficult than the rest, but it has step by step video instructions that you can follow, breaking the process down to make it very easy to replicate.

Think about it! This is not just a fondant cupcake design, you can also make this one as a topper for a cake.

In the past, if my sister celebrated my niece’s birthday out-of-town and I couldn’t be there, I would make fondant pieces that she could travel with. She would then purchase a cake at the supermarket and make it her own with the pre-made fondant decorations.

This unicorn is a perfect example of a design that you can add to enhance any cake or cupcake. Just make it bigger if you want to make it for a cake.


Unicorn cupcake tutorial - Adorable baby unicorn

Can I tell you how much I love Pinterest? I know this is an odd way to begin the description of this particular unicorn cupcake tutorial, but please hear me out.

I love the pictures of the unicorn cupcakes you see in this post, but they’re stock photos. You see, I can’t just grab the pictures from the sites I’m recommending because they’re copyrighted. This would be stealing another person’s hard work without their permission (not cool!).

It was bugging me, though, that none of the tutorials here looked like the adorable baby unicorn featured in the main image. I wouldn’t want to bring you here with a bunch of pictures of unicorns that you can’t make.

So I searched high and low for this little guy and today I finally found him on Pinterest!

Aside from this little unicorn being ADORABLE, the tutorial shows you step by step pictures of the simple process to create him. Check out the Crumb Avenue tutorial Crumb Avenue tutorial here.


You now have tutorials for 6 different unicorn cupcake designs. They range from extremely easy, using paper and prefilled piping bags, to more detailed full body unicorns made with fondant. There are intermediate icing and fondant designs as well. In the end, They are all easy to accomplish and will make you look like a pro.

If you’re wondering about the materials you will need to create your beautiful unicorn cupcakes, or any other cake decorations, check out my 14 Cake Decorating Tools to Design the Cakes You Dream Of post.

What do you think? Which unicorn cupcake design will you try? Comment below to let me know! I would love to hear from you.

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 Unicorn Cupcake Tutorials That'll Make You Look Like a Pro

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